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Hutterite Town Hall (Štíbel, Štíbl)

National cultural monument

The building dates from the second half of the 18th century. As the name suggests, the Hutterites built the town hall as a place where the representatives of the Hutterites community met and decided on general affairs and management. We know from folk tradition that after the re-Catholicization, the elections of the “forstand” – the administrator of the Hutterite property and its assistants as well as the clerk – took place here every year at the Three Kings, and the “numbers” from the farm for the previous year were composed here. Hutterite “numbers” were the second largest holiday of the Hutterite village after the feast. After the elections and “numbers”, a big general feast was held in the barracks and in the gnome. Each participant / Hutterite or not Hutterite / had half a liter of wine and free food.

Hutterite Town Hall (Štíbel, Štíbl)
@ Hutterite Town Hall (Štíbel, Štíbl)